Improvements and Updates

Antlers Park Master Plan - Concept Plans

The City of Lakeville recently acquired additional property to expand the existing Antlers Park. Before proceeding with any further improvements to the park, the City of Lakeville desires an overall park master plan that will help guide future improvements to the park.

We received numerous comments and input from the community on the types of amenities they would like to see added or improved upon at Antlers Park, as funding becomes available. From the input gathered from the community, three conceptual designs have been prepared and are being reviewed. 

Playground & Building Replacements

The Park Improvement Fund provides funding for replacement and upgrades to items such as building improvements and playground replacements. The Aronson building upgrades will be completed in 2018. Two more playgrounds are slated for replacements in 2019. 

West Lake Marion Mountain Bike Trail

The City of Lakeville and the Lakeville Cycling Association worked closely together to construct a mountain bike trail on the west side of Lake Marion. The trail is approximately 5 miles in length and features trail segments for beginning, intermediate and advanced bicyclists. The trail is a single track trail system which includes multiple switchbacks, berms and rollers. The trail is maintained by volunteer members of the Lakeville Cycling Association and Lakeville’s Park Maintenance Division. To access the trailhead, park in the Casperson Park gravel lot near the soccer fields. 

  1. Phone: 952-985-4600